Ghana is located on the west coast of Africa between the Ivory Coast and Togo and below Burkino Faso. The country has about twenty million inhabitants. About 2 million people live in the capital Accra. Ghanaians are religious through and through. Whether it is a traditional belief in spiritual beings, a Christian God, or Islamic Allah. Ghana is 6.5 times bigger than the Netherlands. About 200 km above Accra is the large city of Kumasi. Going further north about 430 km is Tamala and at the border of Burkina Faso is Bolgatanga. A trip to Ghana is recommended for birdlife and butterfly enthusiasts. About 730 bird species, 400 butterfly species, 15 primates, 26 bat species, 25 carnivores. The most famous places are: Kakum NP, Ankansa Reserve, Atewa, Bobori, Shai Hills, Sukomona Lagoon and of course Mole NP.

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